This year, SHS is excited to announce its first student-run technology help desk.  Enrolled in the Instructional Technology solutions class, these students staff the help desk each period of the school day.  Please meet our first Saber Tech Squad!


Hi! My name is Sean Kiecksee, I’m a junior at Shakopee High School. I work with the saber tech squad in 1st hour. Why did I join? I joined because I like technology and problem solving, but also to help others. I enjoy just the broad range of technology, how far it goes, and how far it can go. The future career I want to be a part of is Law Enforcement.I enjoy hanging with my friends after school. I mainly work for an activity after school.



Ayo! I am Trent Carlson, a Junior that works at the help desk during 2nd hour (don’t mind the goofy looking picture). I joined the Saber Tech Squad since I happen to know a good amount about computers, and I also know that there are some who do not know as much about tech, so I want to help as much as possible. I really enjoy how fast technology is improving and changing and seeing all sorts of crazy things people are able to do with it. Outside of school, I’m a gamer, as well as a golfer for our high school team during the spring.


Ello! My name is Cassie Kluess, and I’m a senior this year. I joined ITS to learn more about technology because of how it is developing in our society. I’ve always enjoyed working with programs like PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker by digging into their more unique and interesting features. ITS seemed like a great opportunity for me to grow on that idea and make it more useful for my family, friends, and myself. I’m also one of the leaders in Lit Mag and have been apart of Prom committee since 10th grade. Outside of school I enjoy playing video games, drawing, and reading Marvel comics.


Hi, I’m Nick Lyle. I’m in 11th grade and I enjoy technology. I joined the Tech Squad because helping people with issues on their MacBooks sounds fun, and I also want to learn Apple’s side of technology because I’m used to doing things with PCs and Windows. I am also amazed at the hardware side of technology because every year the components get faster and faster, and smaller and smaller, but it’s not going to end anytime soon. Being an entrepreneur has always been a dream of mine.


My name is Carter Berg and I am a Sophomore. I will be at the help desk in 3rd hour. I joined the help desk so that I can help students and teachers who have technology issues. I enjoy the different types of technology the most, such as Apple products and software. Outside of school I play Football and Lacrosse for Shakopee High School.



Hello, my name is Brianna and i’m a junior here at the Shakopee High School. I’m a part of the Saber Tech Squad 4th hour. I joined this class because I needed to make sure I had all my credits for graduation. This being the fifth week in school and I really enjoy this class. Now that I’m getting a better understanding of the class, I want to make sure that the students are getting help with their MacBook. I love technology, but I’m still learning how to fix it. I enjoy the modern structure of the MacBook as well as other tech items. My career is a big topic because it’s what you will do for the rest of your life, right now I have two realistic options. First, being a teacher, either elementary or high school. Second, like most people, I love money, and I have interest in getting a career in finance because I would be able to travel more often for work. My unrealistic job is to be a surgeon like in Grey’s Anatomy. When I’m not in school, I like making money, watching my favorite t.v shows, and I love the outdoors and exercise. #SABERTECHSQUAD

photo-on-9-19-16-at-1-09-pm-1Hello my name is Phineas Rop i’m a junior this year. Why did I joined the saber tech squad? I joined the Saber Tech squad because i’m fanstated on what technology can do and I really like helping people.  Technology is amazing, do you know that an iphone 5 has more than 1300 computing power than the apollo 11. I enjoy watching netflix and play basketball after school. I’m currently rewatch How I met your mother on netflix. I love food it my number 2 after school of course. We can can be best friends if you bring me food.

My name is Damien You and I am in 11th grade. I am a part of Saber Tech Squad during 5th hour. I joined Saber Tech Squad because I am really into technology and I was willing to learn some new tricks and be able to help out people who need help. What I enjoy about technology is the ability for it to change a lot and its ability to be able to do a lot of things. What I would like to do for a career is to be a pharmacist or something with science. Outside of school I play soccer and I like to drive. I play soccer for SSA and I also play for school during the high school season as a defender. I have been playing soccer since I was 4. I am in SADD and Link. This year I am a part of the Spanish Exchange and I will be going to Spain in the summer. I am really excited to be outside of the States and will be able to have the different types of food.    



Hi I’m Camryn Noess and I’m a junior at Shakopee High School. Why did i Join the saber tech squad? I joined the tech squad because I wanted a challenge to help people figure out what is wrong with their computers. What do I like most about technology? I like that it’s constantly improving and changing the future. What do I want to do when I grow up? For my future career I would like to be a pilot or go into the military. What I do after school? I play hockey and watch Netflix on my free time.


Hi. My name is Tyretta Obeng and I am a Junior this year. I joined Saber Tech Squad because Ms. Reishus said she was teaching a class this year, and she a pretty cool teacher. I really enjoy the social communication part of technology. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Netflix are some of my favorite applications. In the future, I hope to have a double major in either Accounting or Management Information Systems and Non-Profit/Public Management. Some of my favorite activities that I am involved with in school are National Honor Society and Student Council. Outside of school, I love to volunteer and hang out with my friends. Last thing people should know about me is that I LOVE Caribou Coffee. Caribou Coffee is SOOOOOOO much better than Starbucks. I cannot stand Starbucks. So, if you ever see me in the hallways, bring me Caribou Coffee (preferably a Campfire Mocha Cooler with Milk Chocolate).


My name is Brooke Lynch. I’m currently a sophomore at Shakopee high school. At the moment, I’m enrolled in a class called ITS help desk. In this class, we help different people who are havinimg_0134g computer issues and try our best to solve the issue they may be facing. I joined this class because I was recommended by a previous teacher of mine who I have had for three years. I never really knew what the ITS help desk would be about, but I joined anyway because I enjoy technology as well as helping different people. I really enjoy the social part about technology such as communication and the different applications regarding communication. A part of technology that interests me is how technology keeps innovating. I really enjoy Chinese food too in case someone ever wants to come in clutch.