In Self Service, you can download Microsoft Office which includes PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. This is one of the unique things PowerPoint has to offer over Google Slides. Just follow these steps in order to turn a slide into an image:

Step 1: Create a slide you want to save as an image


Step 2: Click on File and then Save As…


Step 3: Select JPEG under file types and skip to step 7 if available if not select PDF and choose a place to Save it


Step 4: Open the PDF file


Step 5: Click on File and then Export…


Step 6: Select JPEG and choose a place to Save it


Step 7: You now have a JPEG image of your PowerPoint!


A couple of ways you can utilize this is by making collages or putting reminders on slides to use as a desktop background to study. Otherwise you can just turn multiple images into one to make incorporating it into other digital applications much easier.