By: Damien You

Samsung and Apple have always had the war on which one is better than the other. The iPhone 7 of Apple has been released on September 7, 2016 and has received a lot of popularity as new releases have always gotten. The phone is going for 649$ but for the plus it is going for 769$. A big feature of that was added to the iPhone 7 was that it is now waterproof which gives it a big edge than other phones. Just as always the iPhone 7 screen has been upgraded and as well given dual speakers. A big plus for people is that the battery has been increased. For photographers they will be happy with the upgrade in the rear facing camera. What could be a disadvantage for the phone and as well turn away customers is that the phone does not have a headphone jack. Many people do not have the wireless earbuds or headphones and they cost quite a bit. But Apple is also offering a converter and as well they have created their own wireless earbud product called Airpods. The feature of having no port for earbuds have also brought the popularity up as people were furious about the removal of the port. With the increase of battery power and processing power I believe that people should upgrade to the phone if they are a fan of apple.