By: Damien You

I know that English classes and sometimes Social Study classes will assign you articles or readings and the teacher requires you to annotate it. For online sources, Kami will allow you to easily annotate the readings. This program can be found online on the Chrome web store if you do not like to use Preview that is provided on the Mac itself. Kami has many tools that can be used to make your annotating time easier. On Kami you are able to comment, highlight and underline throughout the text. What makes Kami so friendly to use is that they have a section that allows you to see all the comments that you have made all over the reading. All the edits and highlights that are on the document will be automatically saved and every time you log back on it will show what was saved from before. If you upgrade your account with Kami you are able to allow the document to also be collaborative with other people which is a plus for using Kami instead of Preview. Kami is also accessible with all types of computers. For example if you do not have your MacBook you can access and annotate the document using Kami from any computer.