By Nick Fussy


From my experience, remembering everything that I would have for homework on a  specific night was always a hassle. From forgetting to study for a test the next day to not realizing that your paper was due to canvas by eleven fifty-nine, I have done it all. Although the school would always hand out a planner at the beginning of the year, I would never fill it out. Filling out the planner caused me to lose time in class for working, which I did not like. But, the integration of technology has easily allowed for me to stay on top of my schoolwork, because I have been using Google Calendar.

Before even getting a Mac, I was using the Calendar and Reminder apps on my iPhone in a pitiful attempt to keep track of events and homework. I was finding out that I was never able to remember what I had to do, and I feel like it was driving me crazy. With Google Calendar, it became infinitely easier, because I could link my Mac with my phone, and even import my Canvas Calendar. This also helped me with my homework because you can keep reminders and events all organized on your own calendar.

This tool promotes organization, as it allows for students to keep track of homework and events all in one, coordinated app. It is also fully compatible with phones, since all you need is your gmail. You can also get texts from Google that go straight to your phone. Though not revolutionary, this app is a very powerful with  keeping track of events, and is helping better the organization of a 1:1 technology environment.