As the title asks, Is there any reason to use Microsoft PowerPoint? Over the years, we’ve come to accept the fact that we use Google Slides to create presentations for classes, but we once used a different program which was PowerPoint. My goal is to go through the pros and cons of PowerPoint using many comparisons to Google Slides to illustrate the differences and options that are available. I’ve used both for many years and hope to spread my thoughts to you so you may choose the best program for your next project. Let’s begin:


  • Compared to Google Slides I believe there is more on offer when it comes to the design and look of the presentations. It depends on what version of PowerPoint is available, but it often offers more choices that are more dynamic and eye catching in appearance. Although, both offer the option of downloading themes from various websites which is nice but creates an extra step for those who want a dynamic theme to use in their Google Slides presentation.


Above are some of PowerPoint’s themes followed by Google Slide’s choices below.


  • PowerPoint is also much more user friendly for those new to the program because many of the tools in the program are labeled and easy to find while Google Slides is plagued by confusing menu bars and options. These can often lead to option scavenger hunts which wastes time better spent elsewhere.


There are even layout options for slides that make inserting various forms of media much easier and convient.

  • Animations are very unique on PowerPoint and interesting while Google Slides’ are so lackluster I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one used in a class presentation. These can add some creativity and energy to a presentation so they’re nice to have.
  • PowerPoint can be accessed offline while Google Slides cannot be.
  • Overall, I think PowerPoint also has more on offer which is understandable because it is a program you have to purchase (except students have free access to PowerPoint–just download Microsoft Office 2016 from Self Service) whereas Google Slides is just a free Google program available to its users.



  • The biggest glaring issue with PowerPoint is that it is not a convenient program to use with other people. Google Slides definitely has the advantage with this by allowing multiple people to work at the same time. This is a huge time saver for students and allows easier cooperation, which PowerPoint simply does not have.


The share feature on Google Slides makes it easy for anyone with a Google account to share presentations with each other.

  • There can also be some compatibility issues with PowerPoint because there are so many versions of it. An example would be using a theme from 2016 PowerPoint then not being able to use it on a computer that has 2010 PowerPoint whereas Google Slides has only one version to worry about.



  • This one depends on your preference but when it comes down to the layout of each program, each is very similar to its related products. The look and feel of Microsoft programs compared to Google programs is very different and each person has their own preference. An example would be if you don’t like how Google Docs are set up, then you’re probably not going to like Google Slides and the same goes for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.


Overall, the programs each have their pros and cons. If you’re looking for something to work with other people on and have easier access to I would recommend Google Slides, but if you want to be more creative and have unique aspects to your presentation I would recommend PowerPoint.