Here are some tips on using iMovie.

  1. Before you do any editing, make sure you have all of your clips imported first, it will make everything easier because it will all be saved before you start editing.

File -> Import Media



  1. If you don’t have your clips saved on your Mac, you can upload them from your iPhone (not Android) by doing Import -> Import iMovie iOS Projects (You need iMovie installed on your iPhone to be able to Airdrop it).


  1. When you want to edit, just drag all the imported clips by highlighting them all and dragging them to time bar below.


  1. To start editing, work your way over to the settings above the video preview. It has everything you will need.


Use the Wand on the far left to automatically adjust each clip.

Use each option below if you want to manually adjust each clip.

Option 1- Allows you to add color presets to each frame.

Option 2- Allows you to manually color correct each whole clip.

Option 3- Allows you to crop each clip.

Option 4- Stabilizes your clips.

Option 5- Lets you change total noise.

Option 6- Lets you change only background noise.

Option 7- Lets you change speed (fast and slow motion).

Option 8- Lets you add filters (Color Correction presets).

  1. For Saving click this button in the top right cornerscreen-shot-2016-10-17-at-10-34-42-pm

Then choose how you want to save, saving to your Mac or uploading online.


  • Nick Lyle, Hour 3