In our world today, social issues are a common problem happening daily. Examples include Black Lives Matter protests and protests against President-Elect Donald Trump. Although many issues arise in the social world, many people can take to social media to make an impact towards social change. One question that comes up a lot is what are common social issues that have been changed by social media? For many people, social media is a way for many people to express their feelings and opinions to the world. Also, many people will be able to make a change.


Facebook is a social media platform where you can share multimedias to friends and groups across the world.  Many people/groups use Facebook to get their points and ideas across to the world. One example is Black Lives Matter, which is a black activist group using Facebook to project their voices against anti-Black racism. In the 1960’s, there was no social media besides news stations. To spread the word on Civil Rights for Blacks, it was spread by vocal voice, newspapers and letters. Now, millions of Blacks across America organize types of expression to vocalize their purpose and cause for social change, thanks to the power of Facebook. Visit the Black Lives Matter Facebook page to learn more about their social change movement.


Twitter is another social media platform using 140 character messages called “tweets” to share as you wish. One way Twitter is being used is for the protesting against President-Elect Donald Trump. Not everyone wanted either Presidential Candidate, and many did not like the result. The social change people are targeting is that they do not want Trump to be their President. Similar to Black Lives Matter, they used social media to organize protests and spread the word on their change by using #notmypresident. This social change started up right after Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, attempting to refuse Trump. This is an ongoing movement for social change that is very popular across America right now. To find out more, search #notmypresident on Twitter to find different viewpoints and ideas on this social change.


In the common world, social media is natural for most people today. Many people will take to social media for any certain topic and could make a negative effect. On the other hand, many different situations result in a social change. Having all of the social media we now have can cause a social change for good or for bad. Black Lives Matter and #notmypresident are social issues that have been publicized largely by the public protesters looking for a change caused by social media. Sooner or later, a social change will come for both. When it will come is when the world makes the change happen.