Your MacBook is not cheap. You are very lucky to have technology in the palm of your hands. Taking care of your MacBook is important, because it’s NOT yours!

Making sure your MacBook doesn’t overheat is one way to keep it in the best shape. This way at the end of the school year, you are returning your MacBook in the best shape. According to the Apple’s website, “Don’t use your MacBook Air on the bedspread or pillow. Do not place your MacBook on a pillow or other soft material when it’s powered on, as the material can block the airflow vents (in particular, the rear vents) and cause the computer to overheat. Never place anything over your keyboard when operating in closed-lid (clamshell) mode. This can cause your computer to cycle on and off, which might create excessive heat and drain your battery. Use a lapdesk if you want or plan on using your Macbook on your bed or couch, or in your lap.”

This is super important. Overheating your MacBook can destroy the battery. There are ways to prevent your MacBook from overheating. First, know your limits. The MacBook is meant for school purposes only, so you don’t need to go on social media sites when you’re in class. Lucy  Hattersley from Macworld states, “The first thing you should do if you suspect your Mac is overheating is to check the temperature. Macs have enables temperature that is monitored using internal sensors, and a series of fans is used to regulate the temperature.” Who knew that seeing the temperature of your MacBook was even a thing! You would have to download a paid app called Temperature Gauge Pro. Another way to prevent your MacBook from overheating or getting to cold is it should be placed in room temperature places. You shouldn’t put it in your cold or hot car, or put it on cold, hot or wet surfaces.

The other ways to basically destroy your MacBook are water damage and dropping it. First, when you’re studying with your MacBook, you have your notebook and your cup of coffee, it seems like the perfect picture for social media. You snap the photo and bam you drop your phone in the cup of coffee and it spills all over your MacBook and notebook. To prevent this you should have some space between your MacBook and your beverage. Have space to spread out materials as well. Keeping your beverage on other surface away from your MacBook is also a good idea. Now here is a new scenario: You are going down the school stairs, from the third floor, you have your heavy backpack on and the stairwell is just crowded with slow walkers distracted on the phone. You know you’re gonna be late so you don’t bother walking any faster. Then all of a sudden some kid bumps you and your MacBook goes flying.  You start running for the MacBook, trying to save it, but it’s too late. To prevent this from happening, you should walk around with it in the case provided or if you bought one. 

Keeping your MacBook clean on the outside is important; you are proving to yourself that you are responsible when taking care of your MacBook. Your MacBook is only temporary –taking care  of it is important. Enjoy your clean MacBook for the rest of the school year!Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 11.47.38 AM.png

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