By Nick F and Sean K


Say you’re at your house and you are trying to study, but your family is being too loud. Do you need something that will take away the background noise and does not consist of your music? Noisli is a website that acts as a noise machine, like the ones you go to sleep with, but on your computer. It has various sounds, which can also be used along side each other. Some sounds for example are trees, thunderstorms, forests, train tracks, and wind. Those at Noisli explicitly say that it improves focus and concentration and can be used for school work or work on the computer. While this may vary, it does provide a relaxing element when I listen to it while I work. During our exploration of the site, it came to our mind that this could be useful to those who can’t concentrate on studying. It can be a better alternative to listening to pop music or classical music. I know from experience that rap music, for example, was a terrible choice to listen to, as I was only able to focus on the singing rather than my actual work. The reason Noisli works well is because its sounds are familiar, like the thunder/rain storm or the train car rumbling, this results in the brain “tuning out” the noise and it becomes less distractive. It’s hard to find great music or sounds for studying, and that is why Noisli is the perfect choice.

In the video below, we will show a few sounds that are available.

Noisli Sounds