Recently, I interviewed a member of the Shakopee Robotics Team and had a Q/A that answered questions that an average student curious about Robotics would wonder:


Q: What is Robotics?

A: Robotics is a school club that involves STEM to engineer, build, and operate a functioning robot.


Q: What part of Robotics are you involved in?

A: I usually am involved in the engineering part of the robot. I contribute designs of our robot that our team engineers so we can build and operate our robot.


Q: How is our Robotics team?

A: Our Robotics team is fairly new. The team I am involved in is our “newbie” team that consists of many underclassmen that have already won awards from our competitions.


Q: How does a team win awards?

A: Our team can win awards by how well our robot operates, how the construction of the robot is, how our engineering of the robot was done, and how our teamwork is shown.


Q: What are competitions like?

A: The competitions are very competitive. Everyone wants to win because of all the hard work they have put into their robots so the competition is very high.


Q: What are some cool place you go to for Robotics?

A: We will go to different schools for competitions around the area and we are going to Little Rock, Arkansas later in the school year to compete against some of the best in the country.

You can visit their website or on their activities webpage for more information.