What exactly is an EggBot-?

An EggBot is a type of robotic system that allows you to pre-program the software, therefore allowing the user to draw different designs on spherical objects such as eggs, golf balls, ping pong balls, light bulbs… and more.


How exactly does one do this-?

It’s simple! Once you figure out how to navigate Inkscape, “a superb freeware illustration program”, you can send just about any illustration to the EggBot, allowing the robot to draw cool illustrations on its own!


How to navigate Inkscape-?

Inkscape is available on not just mac devices but devices such as GNU/Linux and Windows. To access the ability to download, simply go to https://inkscape.org/en/. (If downloading on your personal device). To download Inkscape on the school issued macbook, go to Self Service to download. Not only does the website allow you to download the application, but it also offers tutorials; giving the user an opportunity to learn how to use the software.


How did the EggBot come into existence-?

 In 1990, Bruce Shapiro created the first EggBot. His main goal was to draw on an egg- hence the name EggBot. Bruce wanted to draw on an egg, but not just normally… he wanted cool designs that were easy to illustrate. Well, why didn’t he just draw on the egg himself? Simple, it may be quite difficult to draw on a spherical object with no mistakes whatsoever; therefore, Bruce created the EggBot during the Easter holiday season.

Bruce made a deal with his sons, Ben Trombley and Brian Schmalz, so they could have an “at-home” EggBot assembly kit. This was created in 2009 and the cost is roughly two hundred dollars.

The EggBot is a simple and easy to use robot that allows you to create illustrations on spherical objects. For more information about the EggBot, go to http://egg-bot.com/ and for more information about how to create an illustration go to https://inkscape.org/en/.


How can students use the EggBot-?

  •  You can print logos for clubs
  • You can make a gift for a friend or a family member
  • You can make an advertisement with the EggBot
  • The choice is up to you!


The EggBot is available in the media center for use, you just have to ask! Feel free to come during a study hall or any empty class period you may have.

Here is an example of the Shakopee ITS logo being made with the EggBot!



By- Brooke Lynch