Naomi Satoh, the Japanese teacher at Shakopee Senior High, is doing an amazing job at supporting an inclusive classroom by using many tech tools to teach and help students understand some complicated topics.

One of the leading apps that is being used is Quizlet Live, a program that allows for you to split the class into as many teams as you want, and then you figure out questions as a group. It was made ten years ago by Andrew Southerland, and according to their mission statement, “We believe learning is more powerful when it’s a shared experience—connecting with others learning the same thing.” It promotes team building and has helped myself and many others in remembering challenging kanji characters and words.

In this clip here, it shows the team building tactics that used in Quizlet Live:

Although you might  think that this is all that Quizlet has to offer; however, there are many different apps that you can use to memorize vocabulary, such as: