Nick Lyle

  • My dad has a hobby where he takes pictures of nebulae and galaxies. He tried it a long time ago, but now since the technology significantly improved, he was able to be successful at this. He has an Applied Physics degree, and a lot of computer skills. Most of what he knows for this came from online forums.

How he makes this all work is pretty cool.

  • Here’s a picture of the telescope:img_0632
  • It sits on a massive cylinder of concrete (10+ feet high) so it won’t wobble when taking pictures.
  • To explain how the telescope rotates from our basement up to the deck, he uses VNC viewer and also a USB to IP program called “Virtual Here” to be able to connect the laptop to our basement computer. The laptop is sitting in the bench and the telescope is connected to the laptop. img_0633
  • To be able to actually take pictures of these nebulae or galaxies, you have to autoguide to a nearby star so the telescope can know where to stay because when you take pictures of the nebula or galaxy, you don’t actually see it. It takes hundreds of short exposures to be able to get a good picture of one. While it’s autoguiding, the camera is taking all the exposures. The camera that he uses is a modified Canon t2i Rebel DSLR (it’s modified for astrophotography).img_0634
  • Here are some of his favorite pictures that he took: