Is using a social media account for school/classes to learn and spread information about classes and info on school events really a benefit to the student body?


The answer depends on how you view social media, but it really is a tool to help students learn. If a teacher has a social media account (i.e. FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) He or She can post tips for the lessons they taught, tips and tricks on solving equations, or completely create the assignment/lesson online so the students can learn and do the homework at home. But this can be a drawback as well, it can remove that classroom learning experience and the students are less likely to remember the lesson because of the distractions that could exist at home. Some think that learning from home may be fun but, it removes what the student needs to focus on. They would watch the video, but they might not understand how to figure the lesson out. With the classroom learning experience they have the ability to ask questions instead of googling the answer. They have the ability to interact and learn from the teacher personally, and learn a powerful tool, learning to ask for help. But, all in all, if a teacher uses a social media for the classes they are teaching, it would be helpful to the students to know about future assignments and tests.

In another note students can use social media accounts to spread information about school events, sports events, and dances. This can be a benefit to the student body, notifying them about said events. It can also be helpful to the school, if the students can use social media to spread news about charitable challenges, such as the Warm and Fed challenge, as it could possibly better the school’s standing and have the student body participate more on said challenges.


Now the question is, is using social media for school events and class information a benefit to the student body? The answer depends on how you see how social media is used by schools and students for classes. But it really is a benefit for students and teachers alike.