We all know how to copy and past but do you know how to define a word or do quick math on your macbook. Here is 8 MacBook shortcuts that will make your macbook exercise a lot better and improve productivity

  1. Quick Define


First, copy the word then press


Final past the word in the box

*It can also be used to find pictures quick instead of leaving the tab to find it and drag it into Google Word

Give it a Try:


Define Triskaidekaphobia

Define effrontery

  1. Quick Math


This isn’t a shortcut but an extra feature you can use.


give it a try:




3.Go through a page faster

fn↑ = Page Up ( ⇞ )

fn↓ = Page Down ( ⇟ )

fn← = Home ( ↖ )

fn→ = End ( ↘ ).

4. Friendly Volume Controls


Adjust Volume in Smaller Increments: Shift+Option+Volume Keys

Volume Adjustment Without the Clicking Sound: Shift+Volume Keys

Open Sound Preferences: Option+Volume Controls

*Also works this screen brightness  

  1. Tab switch

The Application switcher saves you from having to go to the Dock to change the application you’re using.

Keep pressing the Tab key to step through which application you’ll switch to (Shift reverses the direction), or point with your cursor to select one.

  1. Jump words

When you’re working with text, holding down the Option key and pressing an arrow key will leap one word in that direction. Holding down Cmd will jump you right to the start or end. While holding down Shift will select the range you’ve just leaped over.

Zooming in and out

It is simply ⌘+ and ⌘-

  1. Go through a page faster

fn↑ = Page Up ( ⇞ )

fn↓ = Page Down ( ⇟ )

fn← = Home ( ↖ )

fn→ = End ( ↘ ).

*You can also use the arrow key to navigate the website

  1. Quickly open a link to a new tab

Instead of double click then click on add to a new tab just press command and click on the link to open in a new tab.

⌘+right click