Think of a time when you witnessed or experienced bullying. What did you do? Did you tell someone? Stop it? Stand up for what was right? Some individuals get constant cyber bullying from others who are potentially feeling worse. ReThink is an app and/or software for your electronic devices. The purpose of this app is to stop bullying. When you type a mean message, ReThink pops up, to make sure you really want to send that mean message. You can choose to click “okay” or “clear.” 95% of children choose to clear the message and write an alternative. What inspired the teen creator (who is our age) is that she came across a girl who had committed suicide because of bullying, Trisha Prabhu:

The effects of bullying is a worldwide problem.  According to the website,15% of high school students (grades 9–12) were electronically bullied in the past year. In one large study, about 49% of children in grades 4–12 reported being bullied by other students at school at least once during the past month, whereas 30.8% reported bullying others during that time” (Facts about Bullying).  To get a further understanding of the app ReThink, here are some important points:

  • When you download the app ReThink, you are giving the app access to anything you write. You will do this in your setting, and change your keyboard to let the app have access to anything you write.
  • When you type a bad message like “I hate you.”, when you hit the send button, a message will pop up asking you if you are sure you want to send this, keep in mind 95% of teens changed their minds and wrote something nice. The app will understand the difference between “I hate you.” and “I hate Minnesota’s winter weather.”

The app ReThink is to target parents, schools, and any other administrators. They can download this for their children or students to understand that bullying is a real thing and realize it does affect people. ReThink will continue to expand to be a software on phones and other electronic devices, it may automatically be on the device when you purchase it.  ReThink works very well and may be the future to resolve the problem of bullying. Children and teens are eliminating online bullying and saving lives because of ReThink. Just remember there are others who are hurting worse, be aware of others emotions and consider and understand that any kind of bullying is wrong.
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