By Jack Hance

The Mac OSX Terminal can be a very powerful tool in day to day computing tasks. It can be used for things such as automation, development, and even for things as simple as creating and editing files. Today we are going to go over the very basics of opening the terminal, listing files in a directory, finding out where we are in our file system, and moving around the file system.

To recap, here are the commands we went over today:

  • ls
    • Used to display the files in the current directory
  • ls -la
    • used to view files in a list form and display hidden files
  • pwd
    • Used to show the current directory
  • cd
    • Used to navigate around the file system of the computer
    • .. is used to reference the parent directory
    • ~ or / is used to go to the system root
    • Folders can be strung together using /, eg folderA/folderB