Powerpoint is one of the best applications for presenting projects and assignments. But competition will be coming soon enough because of Adobe’s “Adobe Spark”. Adobe Spark is a website that gives users free ways to use a presentation application.

Creating a post, video, or page is what Adobe Spark is all about. Spark Page is one of them, and is free compared to Powerpoint, which costs over 100$ dollars. And Spark Page is also slick and easy to use. Spark page is able to do it all. For the most part Spark page will be used mostly for slide presentations. Once those the slides are done, it automatically creates smooth transitions to the slide that was made. For creating a professional slide project, I recommend Spark Page for the reasons that it is simply clean and easy to use and it’s free.

(How to use Spark page(FAST))


Be sure to select “Share” then “Publish” to save your work. The “Publish” link is the public link that you use to share out with the world (and teachers, etc.)