The Green Screen is a very easy and fun way to make your videos more fun and creative in school. Our media center has a Green Screen room that can be used during the school day.  Media center had iPads and tripods available for checkout as well. In this blog I will show the easy steps on how to import videos from the Green Screen into iMovie.


  1. Record video footage with green screen.

Make sure the green screen is evenly lit and that you are not wearing any green clothing!

  1. Make sure Advanced Tools are turned on.
  2. Open the project you want to add the green-screen or blue-screen effect to.
  3. Select video (a frame range or an entire clip) that you recorded in front of the green or blue backdrop.
  4. Drag the selection directly over a clip in your project.

It can be video, a solid-color clip, or an animated background clip—and release the mouse button when you see a green Add (+) symbol.

  1. In the drop down button that appears, choose Green Screen or Blue Screen.
  2. The green-screen or blue-screen clip appears above the video clip in your project, as shown below.
  3. You can drag it to a different spot within the clip, or to a different clip, to reposition it. You can also drag the ends to lengthen or shorten it. To drag an end, move the pointer over it until the pointer changes to a resize pointer, and then drag.
  4. And ta-da! You have used the green-screen within iMovie.

If you need more help on the basic tips and tricks to navigate iMovie, you can follow this link which will teach you more about the basics of iMovie!