Many, if not all, students at Shakopee have used Kahoot in class. Teachers are using Kahoot as a tool to help review in class. However, there are many features that Kahoot offers that are rarely taken advantage of. Kahoot allows you to facilitate a discussion, take a survey, create a quiz to help review, and offers “Jumble” which is another version of a review game. Each one of these tools offers a benefit to classroom education for a large variety of subjects.

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Quiz is a review game, you create questions and answers, just like a quiz. However, players get points for accuracy and speed and get rated. This can be used in any classroom setting, no matter the subject or the size of the class. This is the most commonly used feature on Kahoot, and most students and teachers are familiar with this part of the program.

Jumble is the newest feature on Kahoot. It is also closely related to the Quiz option. In Jumble the creator again writes a question, but the answer involves an order. The player must put the answer in the correct order. This allows for a numeric or chronological review that isn’t possible with a standard multiple choice review. The players see the answers and have to put them in what they believe is the correct order on their device. Once they do so the click the blue “Kahoot” button to submit their answer, this feature, like the Quiz, ranks the players on accuracy and speed.

Survey is a fairly self explanatory tool. It allows the creator to ask a question and create four responses. The players then pick the one they most agree with and the creator receives feedback on the question they asked. This can also be a way to quiz a class without the pressure of scores that are present in the Quiz feature.

Discussion is identical to Survey, however there is only one question. This can be used to prompt a discussion in class. Discussion is the least used and least helpful that Kahoot offers, however it can still be used and still has benefits.

Kahoot offers numerous different resources but very few are taken advantage of. The benefits that Kahoot could offer to classes are endless, because of the many ways each of the four functions can be used and the variation of audiences that Kahoot can work with.