Sudden spending, it happens to all of us; but why does it happen? It would seem to be because we live in a world generated by competition. This brings in different choices, and expands an already existing market that we live in. So how does this relate to my blog? Because it is exactly the idea which gives me the ability to do my project on this topic in the first place! Today I will be going over and hopefully providing you with some insight into a marketing-mix strategy that compares two stores, specifically the Apple and Microsoft store.

The first step in comparing these stores is getting out of the house and going to one. Now that wouldn’t be a challenge for an Apple store but actually proves different for the Microsoft store. This is a great moment to talk about the effects of placement and how these differences can prove a difference in their marketability. How many Microsoft stores do you might know in Minnesota? One? Well, if so, you are correct. That’s actually because there is only one! Compared to five Apple stores in MN. This is actually a common trend, not just in the state, but the world. Globally, the Apple store has about 490 retail stores, while the Windows store globally only has approximately 100. Coincidence? I think not. This advantage gives Apple greater ability to reach out to customers face to face; but with online shopping, some may say that having a larger online database connected across the globe is a lot more important, and if so you’d be correct; but why do people prefer to go into one store more often than the other? It may just be because of what you see.

IMG_0039Colors fascinate people around the world and it doesn’t just entice people to act and feel a certain way, but it also sends a message. This is important when looking at the promotion of the store. While some may prefer Apple over a product dealing with Windows (example: A Windows 10 PC), I still found out that more people went into the Microsoft store at the end of the day than the Apple store; how could this be? Well I think the answer is when you first enter the store. When you first step foot inside the Microsoft store, it’s very bright with warm tone lights, and has a very colorful setup. While if you go into the Apple store, for instance, the feeling is very cold with sterile white lights, and a more modern design. I think what Apple was going for was something that wasn’t just a store, but tried to convey the message of the simple design of their products. Though, at the end of the day what is the one thing that drives consumers to both stores? The answer is, products.

IMG_0038Apple and Window running devices have had a constant battle over the years and you can see how the competition is significant. This is something you can see come to play in real life when visiting the Microsoft and Apple store. While it may be hard to compare Apple and the Microsoft store solely off their products since, Apple makes both the software and hardware for their products; whereas, Microsoft has only made a couple of products primary to their name. This means essentially when you go to the Apple store, you are only buying Apple; however, this does not mean the microsoft store is short of products, it’s actually filled with them. How could this be you might ask? The easy answer is device sharing. What might I mean by this? Well essentially Microsoft lets other manufactures and companies sell their products in the Microsoft store, as long as it runs Windows as an OS, or has some connection in some way to Microsoft PC’s (accessories). This lets Microsoft include VR, 3D Printing, Graphic Design orientated PC’s, Gaming PC’s, Consoles et cetera. I do believe this gives Microsoft the edge on enticing people to visit their store for the reason of all the stuff that’s in it.

However, it would be foolish to not recognize Apple’s success with their store as well. So why might people still go into the Apple store if the Window store has more to offer? Simplicity. What I feel Apple really capitalizes on is the sole products they offer (Iphone, Ipad, Macbook, IMac). Time and time again, Apple products have a profound reputation for a solid build quality, and being easy to use. It gives a consumer already a preference without even walking into either stores. Now, even though more people go into the Microsoft store, based on my findings, I feel as though more pay may actually buy products more often in the Apple store, since their products are straight to the point, and the store really capitalizes on that.

As history shows, Apple and Microsoft are both incredibly successful companies in their own right. Creating their own software and devices and building technological empires from the ground up; and that sums up very much how both stores are. Through their promotion of their products and where they chose to sell them helps you understand what marketing techniques could change a $10 bill into a $100 dollar one.