Canva is a really nice tool that can help you create and design posters, flyers, etc.  It’s an amazing tool to use because it has so many different layouts you can use and it’s a free website. Canva is different from the web-based tools because of the layouts, formats, and most importantly the creativity and flexibility that Canva has with its users which lets them design what they want to. Canva allows users more flexibility when it comes to where and how they share their designs. They added in a feature where you can share the link to a project.  To add, Canva is very user-friendly and all the projects you do with Canva turns out being very professional which is why many people recommend using it. Canva is a tool that doesn’t require you to learn how to work with pictures, unlike Adobe Photoshop, which can sometimes take years to learn.

  Although Canva is a great tool it also has its drawbacks. For instance, not all the layouts, posters, flyers, and background are free, but some are. You will need to pay a small fee of no more than 2 dollars for each layout, poster, and background you want that isn’t free. To add, Canva can get slow with multiple pages and many designs objects per pages. The most slides you can have is 30.                                                                                           

   To conclude,  I’ve personally used Canva multiple times and it never failed to disappoint me. One of my favorite things about Canva is how you can upload your own photos. I think it’s great that they have that tool and I loved the outcome of my projects every time I use Canva. If you’re struggling to chose what website to use for your project, flyer etc. I advise that you use Canva.

Here is a project I did on Canva:  

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If you are beginner with Canva this link might help:

If you want to sign up for Canva then click this link: