Self-driving is going to happen but when this does happen what will truck drivers job look like, I would guess that they would lose their jobs to a robot behind the wheel. There are many advantages and disadvantages, one of the advantage is that the only thing people will be paying for self-driving trucks is the system itself which I guess would be a one time pay  and then the only thing they will be paying over and over again is gas  so they won’t be wasting money if they invest on self-driving trucks but a big disadvantage is that we never know if it’s safe because trucks are one of the hardest trucks to drive because of their turns and how big it is. Another disadvantage is people will lose their jobs and will have to find other ones or it seems in the picture that truck drivers are in the truck just not driving and see the objects that they have in the container so maybe they won’t lose their jobs but maybe their paychecks might decrease. So there are some pros and cons of self-driving trucks. This is like uber my brother has used it and I wondered how has this affected taxi drivers and I researched that uber has the hand on taxi even if uber charges per minute only when your speed drops below 11 MPH. Self-driving trucks are going to affect 3.5 million truck drivers because it will replace human workers for robots but this will be applied to states who want to make the change. So it might only affect some people and the plan is to get this amazing technology on public roads and most of the American drivers are good 99.9 percent of the time. Self-driving trucks: what’s the future for America’s 3.5 million truckers? says (The potential saving to the freight transportation industry is estimated to be $168bn annually. The savings are expected to come from labor $70bn, fuel efficiency $35bn, productivity $27bn and accidents $36bn)Solon. These are good ways that they are saving their money because this can also save lives but also might frighten people into knowing how big the truck is and how hard it is to drive the truck. This can be used to improve more self-driving vehicles in the future because self-driving trucks are a big step to vehicle’s  because it can be embedded to civilian vehicles later on in the future.Wouldn’t you feel weird getting mail by no one, because if the school receives packages for food or supplies and they don’t see anybody in the truck wouldn’t that feel weird because for years we have had humans interactions when we receive supplies or request them?Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 8.03.59 PM.png