In the classroom, so many teachers like to teach much like how our parent was taught. With being in the technology revolution many teachers don’t use that to their advantage.  Here is one teacher who has been bringing technology to the classroom to engage the student to learn more effectively.  

  • How many technologies are you applying in your classes?

Anything from a computer to a pencil can count as a technology. The first day of class I ask my student what technology means to them. And of course, they talk about their phone or laptop they have at home. This can confuse anyone who thinks that an electronics as a technology. The definition is anything that is used to help make life easier for yourself and others. Such as the wheel or even a dumb pencil.

Anything that can help someone. Such as a pencil.  


  • How have technologies helped please share how it has helped engage students?

Technology is anything to make life easier, so anything that makes things easier is engaging.

  • Why do you think you are so successful in teaching?

Not a clue, no idea, possible

  • Do the technologies that you teach help students to relate to careers in the real world?


  • How does technology relate to the world outside of your classroom?

Technology surrounds us in everything we do.

  • What tools can you use in the classroom to help interest students in engineering?

See number 1.

  • What tools will students need in the future to help them in careers?

Too soon to tell since we don’t know what careers will look like in the future. Generally, I teach the design process, computer science, and kids to think outside the box, all of these will help in the future.

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