Wattpad is a good app for students interesting in writing books. According to Quora,” It’s a great way to get some eyes on your writing while also receiving constructive criticism”. It’s a very helpful site for many people because many started as beginners and got their books published with all the hard work they put into their work.

Wattpad is a great app and/or site for various reasons.To start, It’s a place where people can improve their writing and grammar. The better your book is the more people who read it. Besides, you get some great feedback on your work. It can be helpful in many ways. Second, It helps many students engage in reading much more than they use too. As a matter of fact, I use to hate having to carry around books to all my classes, but when I found out about Wattpad I loved it so much for the very reason you can read books via phone. Finally, the best part is it’s free of cost. You don’t need any money to write your work and to read all the books you want.

Although Wattpad is a great app and/or site it has it’s cons. Many people come here to improve their writing and get their books published while the rest go on there to have fun. People come on Wattpad for many reasons, so sometimes all your hard work goes to waste since your work isn’t in the genre people want to read. Due to the fact, only a few genres are popular and the audience is not diverse when it comes to reading. Next off, If you write really good content people might copy your work and not give you any credit, which is very wrong. Lastly, it’s more of an app and/or site where authors come to market their work. Meaning sometimes your work might not be seen by the viewers since they’ll be so focused on what the authors dropped on Wattpad this week.

To conclude, Wattpad has its pros and cons. It’s been around for a long time. To add, many people achieve their goal and get some books published while others don’t. It’s not the same experience for everyone. Some just want to sit down, get cozy, and have a great book to read. All in all, Wattpad is a great app and I hope many students download it and get active on it.