Digital Footprint and Reputation

                Before we go into depth with this topic we should have a great understanding of what digital citizenship is. Digital citizenship is all about understanding the rules of the internet and using it to the best of your abilities. Knowing how to collaborate and connect over the internet. While doing this you are also creating a digital footprint.

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Why you should understand:

This is important to understand because every time you post something or comment it is leaving your trace behind. Under the account you are using which typically has your name and information. And anyone who follows you can see everything you post or like. Nowadays people get notifications for that.

Things to do:

  1. Be aware of what you are posting since that can have many outcomes. It can be for the best or worst. Your post can go viral when you least expect it. And so if you are aware of what you are posting you shouldn’t have nothing to worry about.
  2. If you are posting pictures of others make sure you have their permission cause a lot of things can go wrong. Ask if they want to be tagged or not because maybe they don’t want to be known. So, have respect for others privacy because that is crucial.


For my Infographic and PSA: I presented about digital footprint and reputation. For the infographic I talked about things to do and not to do. It was a brief overall about the topic. And for the PSA I went into depth and found really interesting details about the topic. I chose this because I feel like people just post without thinking. The internet is a very big place and anything can happen. I just want people to be more aware and have an eye open when doing anything on the internet. I hope people can have a big takeaway from this information provided.

Fiction vs Non-Fiction

Adapted from Common Sense Education: “Digital Footprint & Reputation.”