Digital Citizenship means to use online sources knowing that they will impact you in some way.   

Today, Digital citizenship means nothing to younger kids and even adults who are online. Talking with my mom who didn’t know what Digital Citizenship was. Digital citizenship affects you and your future, by leaving your digital footprint. But this one doesn’t go away. Digital citizenship has changed the way I look at the internet. I don’t have social media, but everyone that does should all have an understanding of digital citizenship.

I have had many friends who have been bullied on online. This takes a toll on many of the decision you make in the future. I want people to know what happens so you can make the bigger choice. And be the bigger person.


In the infographic on Digital Citizenship can help you learn the path to being a good citizen online.

Here Is a Public Service Announcement:

Here is one example of what happens when kids and adults are bullied, how can you change it!

Bullying happens worldwide and to many people. It has happened to me. But unlike many Americans, I didn’t turn to the internet. I turned to friends and family.