Attention Juniors: If you were assigned an 11” MacBook and would like to swap it for a 13” MacBook, you can sign up for one of our “swap sessions.”

We have a limited number of used 13” MacBooks for these sessions.  If we run out before you have a chance to do a swap, we expect to have more available in the fall.

Here’s what you need to know prior to signing up:

  • These sessions are designed for medium groups.
  • Any files you want to keep from the current device should already be backed up before you get to a session.  Refer to the video below for directions.
  • If you show up to a session and are not ready to do the swap, you will be asked to leave and can try to schedule a different time.
  • You will continue to use your existing charger and bag.  We are only swapping the computer; nothing else.

There are two sign up forms available:

Week 1: Tuesday-Thursday starting February 13: 
Week 1 Sign-Ups

Week 2: Tuesday-Thursday starting February 20: Week 2 Sign-Ups 

Swap sessions will be held in the glass-walled classroom at the bottom of the new Learning Stairs. This is one of the new rooms off the Commons.