Teachers should try using different methods of having students demonstrate learning objectives like using Green Screen or Stop Motion. Different skills can be built such as creativity,  communication, idea generation leadership, and initiative. These are skilled jobs are looking for in many of their applicants.

Instead of always asking students to do powerpoints or slideshows, try to expand your ideas for presentation to refine these skills. Stop motion requires you to think outside the box.  The brainstorming students have to do in a stop-motion project will help them develop creativity and brainstorming skills for other projects in the future. When students develop ideas for stop-motion, they all bring different ideas to the table. Leadership with other people is another skill students use as they communicate with others and guide ideas to have a great product.   

What exactly does it mean to be a creative communicator? It is a lifelong skill that means being able to communicate with others in a way that others can understand. Teachers can help students develop these skills for future jobs that are looking for applicants who can share information through collaboration. In a work setting creativity drives the future of jobs. If you can be more original then jobs will pick you over many other applicants.

Another skill that is important to have in your tool bag is being able to generate ideas. Which means being able to come up with ideas to solve the problem at hand. This is important to help devise a plan to think outside of the box. This skill is important for jobs that need development and ideas.

Many people will take the easiest way out and not learn by solving the task at hand. Another great way to get students this necessary skill that is lacking in the workplace is creative product development. Working with others by practicing the basic, I have a problem (then creatively solving it) to having a plausible outcome that is creative and logical to develop the issue at hand.