Stop motion is a video that is composed of a series of images with very small changes from image to image. After brainstorming several ideas for different subjects, for my stop motion, I decided to make a tutorial for my statistics class. I created this project using lots of Lego figures and items you might find on an office desk. The components of the video were simple but in the end were all put together to create something more complex.

I chose to make a tutorial on how to conduct a “simple random sample”  for my statistics class because it was a good way for me as well as other students to review this concept before the AP exam in May. Additionally, making this video in stop-motion form also made me thoroughly have to review the steps in my head in order to apply it to the actions I made the lego figures do. A similar stop-motion could be created for other subjects as well. Stop motion can be used if you want to show the viewer a series of steps, how something works together, or different ways to solve a problem. Students can learn a lot form creating stop-motion projects. Some of things I’ve learned and skills I’ve improved on from creating the simple random sample tutorial include:

  • Time management
    • How to pace shots so you aren’t taking 100 in one day
  • Creativity
    • Brainstorming objects to use, ideas on videos
  • Problem Solving
    • Figuring out what to do when materials aren’t suitable or an obstacle comes up in the creating the idea
  • Communication
    • Being able to understand the viewer’s perspective (they may not be taking the class you are in)
    • Portraying a process with minimal words  
  • Patience
    • Working towards the end goal will take a lot of work
    • Editing and revising your work so it’s at its best
  • Hand-Eye Coordination/Balance
    • Keeping material/objects in place from shot to shot
    • Taking the shot from a similar angle as a previous shot
  • Asking For Help is Beneficial
    • Ask for thoughts on ideas, advice, critique, and feedback
    • Ask what resources are available to you

Creating a stop motion video is a fun, thoughtful, and memorable process. For this reason, teachers and students should create one. Not only will students better remember a process or the content they portrayed in the video, it can be shared for years after. Teachers who typically draw out a concept or work through a difficult problem on the board in class would be able to give students access to that lesson at home in a different style of learning. Making a stop motion is almost like teaching another person how to do something. In order to teach something, you must fully understand it first. Students creating one for a project will need to understand the concept before applying it to the video.

The bulleted list above showcases the skills that will be practiced and improved upon with stop motion. Among these, I believe problem-solving, communication, and creativity are the most important within school as well as life. Practicing problem-solving for small things will help anyone understand how to start approaching bigger decisions or challenges they may face later on. Communication is needed in order to understand what you and others may want out of a task or goal. Finally, creativity is an important quality to have as people are always looking for new ways to accomplish things and new innovations for our future.