Teachers having students work with technology and learn new skills can help them learn better. Stop motion is a fun activity for students to demonstrate that they have learned an objective. Everyone has a creative mind, and students must brainstorm ideas about how materials can be used to creatively show their learning. They must also use communication skills to show and organize their content, as they demonstrate a concept or idea through stop motion. Teachers in all subjects can use stop motion. Social Studies students might use stop motion to outline the global expansion of World War 2. It might be used in Math when learning about fractions. Or, students might use stop motion in science to demonstrate their understanding of Newton’s second law. We can also use this skill in our next life as we go on to college, internships, and presentations.

For example, showing South Korean age differences compared to the united states. This also gives off the cultural differences that United States doesn’t have. South Koreans have a formal and informal way of greeting and also a way to talk to an older adult and a younger adult. I learned that it takes time to do a project and having good communication with the teacher will improve the project by asking many questions that you think might not be right. Everyday I would take one step at a time to make sure I don’t forget anything and not miss a step that I need.