Stop motion is when you take an object and take photos of it until you see the motion of the object.I chose the topic of texting and driving because it’s something that I recently learned about in class. I did my project with clay but you can use most anything to do a stop motion project. I completed my video by showing someone driving in a clay car and once they got on their phone for a bit, they crashed because that can happen even if you take your eyes off the road for just 2 seconds. This project would fit into the Healthy Lifestyles class because this is one of the topics they are teaching. This doesn’t mean it only can be applied to this class; it can also for other classes.  For example, it could be used in ceramics. If you have made a clay sculpture, maybe the teacher could assign a project where you have to make a small clip of stop motion with the sculpture you made.

No matter what class it is for, students will get practice with several skills:

  • Effective listening
  • creative production & innovation
  • idea generation

Teachers, whenever you assign a project for your class, don’t you get tired of looking at everyone’s presentation because they all use the same format? For a new format of showing student work, I would recommend stop motion because it wouldn’t just be a new way to present, but it would also have benefits for students, skills like effective listening, creative production & innovation and idea generation.

Other students watching presentations will be more engaged and therefore better listeners.  With a stop motion project, it is always great to see the final presentation because there will be much more variety in the projects than just a Google slideshow.  

Creative production & innovation is another great skill that students can develop during the process of their project.  With stop motion, students have lots of ways to approach how they want to demonstrate their knowledge. Idea generation is also a great skill that students can develop during their project because students must decide on what idea they like the most and would be the most interesting and effective for presentation. Doing stop motion projects can develop new skills and even demonstrate skills that students have or learned during the process.

I learned that in a stop motion project, it’s easy to make a mistake but it also easy to fix that mistake. I would recommend to anyone who is doing a stop-motion presentation to open your mind to ideas that not many people have done.  This can show that you have an open mind and creative mind which is a great skill to develop.