There are many skills that can be developed when making a project in Canva. For my Canva final project I deceived to make an infographic for an earth science class. Some skills needed to design an infographic include organizational skills, an eye for color schemes, and the ability to be concise. Since they have the capability of holding so much information it’s important for one to be able to organize pictures and content so the audience can understand intent and purpose. An eye for color scheme is needed to get someone’s attention. Finally, being able to narrow down what information or statistics needed on the infographic is necessary to create something people will actually gain knowledge from. Overall, I wanted to create something simple but meaningful in Canva. The best way to convey lots of information in a short amount of time would be an infograph.

Canva also offers a variety of unique templates & images for its users to design with. These elements are highlighted in the video.

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