Learning new designs and focusing on the things you like gives us a creative thoughts. When to use canva is to starting an activity, more area to put things down, and can learn new things along the way. I chose this project because I wanted to learn more about the fonts and designs that we can use. I learned that through patience and time it’ll look very thought out and well planned together. When giving my time to see what looks best with the design and font that I use. Also, all the creativity can come out of my head and into the canva designs.

Skills I’ve Learned:
– Critical thinking
– Knowing what you want to put on the design
– Creativity
– Adding colors you want the students and teachers to engage and cooperate

Why critical thinking and creativity skills are important is because, we learn new things each from every skill that we learn. For example, critical thinking having ideas and writing them down can help further your thinking and separate the ones you think are important and take on the challenging subjects. Also, this can help later on in life because, you’ll have many ideas when you get older so you want to keep building that up and maintain a good habit knowing your ideas. Another example, creativity your mind has a set of good creativity and that can be used in this project when thinking about colors that will pop out for the readers and including pictures. With that this can also help later on in life when working with other people and knowing what you want the design to be it’ll come out perfectly when throughout.

Example outline:

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 9.29.17 AM.png

Follow the steps below to get started!