example project

Students can learn skills from using canvas bar, line and pie graphs like Creative Communicator, Digital Citizen, and Innovative Designer. Creative Communicator can be learned in this type of project because the students will be able to express their creativity using canvas charts and graphs by changing the style and color scheme. This skill is great to have because most people use google slide to present work and the graphs and charts mostly look alike but with canva students can express the meaning or goal of their project. Innovative Designer can be developed through this project because students are able to use canvas varieties of design and tools offered like their choice of graphs and colors and chose their size and placement of their x and y-axis labels. This skill can be used for many more things than just this that’s what makes it a great skill to have by using other websites that offer more tools so the students can use them to their advantage instead of just using the same one over and over again. Knowledge Constructor can be processed throughout this project by the student because they will show there are different resources to be creative show students how they constructed that and keep the audience more entertained. This is a great skill to have because students can use this in real life situation say if they were presenting in a job they can keep their workers entertained without just plain and boring. These are three great skills students can learn and show through the process of development.