Patch Notes


This is the list of changes made to this website over time, or patch notes. The purpose of patch notes are to keep a log of the history of the changes of this website to troubleshoot in the future, or to simply see what the website was like at one time.

Thanks for checking out the site!

-Jack Bjelland, ITS 2017


Patch Notes

March 10, 2017

-Changed dropdown menus into buttons. Buttons take you to respective page with links to articles. This was to fix cluttering of the drop downs and improves readability.

-Changed brown header color to gray.

-Changed top menu bar to social links instead of main menu bar.

-Changed primary font to Montserrat. Improves readability and looks professional

-Enabled the “Related” feature in WordPress settings


April 7, 2017

-Added “ILE Blogs” tab to main menu

-Removed Quiz. Winner was chosen. Reordered sidebar widgets.

-CategorizedĀ blogs that were previously uncategorized

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